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Quote: “Starbabies Employment Service is now only a showcase website for anyone wishing to start their own ’employment service business’ in their town/city. We are now, not accepting any clients or candidates from any part of the country, as demand has not materialized for our services. Regrettable it may be, but we hope other businesses or companies, in our country realize that without such employment centers, our GDP, economy, prosperity, welfare will slump, criminality, disorder, deception & fraud will increase in the country.



Worldwide Employment.

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What some people say about Starbabies Employment Service

I tried my luck with Starbabies Employment Service their fees were reasonable and service unmatched. Great service!,

Shop Manager
collis Taeed

My previous company closed was down & out. Someone said try Starbabies Employment Service, very helpful & supportive.

Network Technician
Light Yagami

I will definitely recommend them to all my friends, very helpful & supportive. Rates are fair, hope others follow their lead.


Definitely ***** star service! They helped me with interviews, leads, job alerts and now I am back entertaining others.

Events Manager
Mika Asaki
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